So I’m gonna stop using this for a while/for good now. If anyone wants to talk, add my Facebook -
Or Instagram - robxburchill

Reply to this with your instagrams to follow before I stop using this pleeeeeease

I love being lied to by people who I’d imagine are pretty fucking close to me. Fuck you and fuck off.

Feeling anger, sadness and pity all at the same time is horrible.

The feeling of regret for 99% of the people you’ve been with is great.

I’m probably definitely gonna be leaving tumblr in the next few days. It’s gotten so shit now. No one really talks to me anymore and that was one of the main reasons for being on here. Also, no new music seems to pop-up which kinda sucks. So yeah, if you wanna talk to me, message me and ask for my Facebook or something I guess.


I feel like tumblr has fucked up so many peoples way of thinking when it comes to relationships

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